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Welcome to the library!

I’m looking forward to a new year in the library. I read a lot of books this summer and have lots of fun and interesting things to share with the kids. We are fortunate to have a wonderful library with more than 10,000 books, as well as computers for students to use, and online research tools provided by OUSD and the Oakland Public Library.

Many of you already know that Crocker classes visit the library once a week. Students check out one book at a time and must return their book in order to check out another. Class visits will begin the week of September 7. I’ll post the weekly schedule here very soon! The library is also open to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday lunch recesses.

Students are welcome to stop by the library after school to return or check out books. In addition to normal school hours, I’ll be open from 3:00 – 3:15-ish daily. Please remember this time is for book exchange. If your child is waiting to be picked up, they need to wait outside on the yard or in the office.

If you’d like to help out in the library this year, you can contact me directly (  or talk to your child’s teacher. I’ll be in the library Tuesdays through Fridays.


Lisa Hobbs, Librarian

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