Do you have any books at your house that you’ve outgrown? How about a few books that are so amazing you’d like to share them with others in our community? If you do, pack them up and bring them to the 2011 Crocker Book Swap.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Drop off gently used books at the table on the playground before school on Tuesday, 1/18 – Friday, 1/21. In the event of rain, book drop will be in the library.
  • Bring gently used books for kids (any age) and adults. Please no coloring or sticker books. Adults are welcome to participate.
  • Stop by the multipurpose room on Friday to pick out a few “new” books. The books will be on tables in the multipurpose room for everyone to see. Supply permitting, all Crocker kids can select a book. Students who contribute books to the swap can select more.
  • Stay until the end of the swap and you can take some extra books home.

If you know a teacher or childcare provider who might be interested in some books, they can stop by at the end of swap and pack up some books for their students. We typically have hundreds of leftover books, especially for preschool/K-1 age children. Books remaining after the swap are donated to other OUSD sites or the East Bay Children’s Book Project.

Questions? Available to help? Contact Ms. Lisa in the library.