On Friday, we had the tremendous pleasure of visiting with author Mac Barnett. He shared some of his stories like Guess Again!, Mustache, and Oh No!. He answered the question, “How do you make a book?” The answer included a look at how authors work with editors and illustrators, crying, pirates, and the Bermuda Triangle. He introduced older students to the Brixton Brothers, a series inspired by his childhood love of mystery series like Hardy Boys and Nate the Great. We learned about how dangerous it can be to befriend the Hardy Boys, the worst weapon a criminal can choose, and the most important, secret law enforcement organization in the United States.


In addition to being a fund raiser, the book fair is an opportunity to get our community energized about reading and a reminder that reading is FUN! I think it’s been an extremely successful year. Thanks to Mac for a fantastic afternoon. Thanks to the kids for being such a wonderful audience. Finally, thanks to our book fair coordinators Liz Fitzgerald and Evelyn Hess and all of the volunteers who made the book fair a wonderful event.