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Homework for the Whole Family!

In January, our Crocker Cougar word is self-discipline. As part of self-discipline month, we have a little homework for the whole family. This week, students will bring home a booklet called NetCetera: Chatting With Kids About Being Online. We’re asking adults to read the booklet and families to have a discussion about online safety and responsibility.

For younger students, grades K-2, important topics include (not) sharing personal information, what to do when you run across inappropriate content, recognizing advertisements, and the risks associated with intentionally or unintentionally downloading content to a device. With older students, grades 3-5, consider discussing additional topics such as  socializing online (email, texting, social media websites, etc.), online bullying, and photo/video sharing. Don’t forget to ask your children about their experiences online — are they chatting with people, playing games, watching videos, sending email, or creating accounts on websites?

We’re talking about these topics at school during our library/lab time. As part of the discussions, I’m reminding the kids that any time they have a question or concern about something they encounter online they should talk to an adult at home. Rules and expectations for online activities and behavior vary from home to home. This week’s homework is an opportunity for all of us to be sure our families know what we expect of them when they are online.

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