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Audiobooks and Ebooks

We’re still working on the #readingwithoutwalls challenge. One of the elements of the challenge is to read a book in a format that you don’t typically read, including audiobooks and ebooks. This month, we’re talking about the difference between audiobooks and ebooks and test driving them at school. It sounds like quite a few kids have experience buying ebooks or audiobooks through Amazon, Audible, or itunes.

Another option is to check out audio and ebooks from the Oakland Public Library (OPL). OPL has a great selection of audiobooks and ebooks for adults and kids available for free! You can find all of the details on the OPL website. You’ll need to install an app on your device and have an Oakland Public Library card. Depending on the service you use, you may also need a PIN number which is typically the last 4 numbers in your phone number.

As much as I love reading an old fashioned print book, I love the convenience of downloading an ebook or audiobook and having access to them wherever I go. My whole family listens to audiobooks when we travel, drive to practice, wait for a doctor’s appointment or wait in line at a ball game — any time we have a few spare minutes. If you or your kids are using a phone, tablet, or computer at home, give ebooks and audiobooks a try.

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