About Reading

Elementary school readers come in all varieties – non-readers, emergent readers, awesome readers, reluctant readers, book worms, on grade level, below grade level, advanced, picky and more. Whatever their abilities and inclinations, all Crocker students visit the library weekly to pick out a book. As parents and teachers, many of us would like our kids to read “good” books. If you’re 4 – 11 years old, you may have something different in mind: funny books, scary books, comic books, easy books, small books, large books, books about fairies, Egypt, or war. Kids are attracted to books for all kinds of reasons.

To support Crocker readers, consider the following:

  • Remember to read to and with your child no matter their age. It only takes a few minutes to read a picture book. Even if it takes a month or two to finish a chapter book (a chapter a night), it’s worth it.
  • Self-selection matters. Part of what motivates kids to read is having the opportunity to choose what they want to read.
  • Read a chapter book with a young child or a picture book with an older child. Not sure it will work? Give it a try!
  • Share a book with your child that you loved as a child. Be ready to let them share their favorites with you.
  • Plug reading in where ever you are. If you or your child has a smartphone, mp3 player, cd player, or computer then you and your child can listen to audio books or read ebooks. Ipad? Kindle? Nook? Kids are excited about using these for reading, too.