Harry Potter Trivia Contest

The 7th Harry Potter movie starts on Friday, November 19. Enter the Crocker Library Harry Potter Trivia Contest and you may win 2 tickets to see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1!!!!

To enter, submit your answers to the Harry Potter trivia questions. One entry per student. Entries must be submitted by end of day on Thursday, November 18.

Good Luck!

All Students – Book Return Contest

It’s important to return your book on time. Other kids are waiting to read the books you check out. It can be really frustrating to have to wait for weeks and weeks because someone keeps forgetting to return their book. When you don’t return your books on time, students complain to me and I have to nag you. I don’t really enjoy either of these situations.

This year, as a little added inspiration to return your books on time, all students who return library books on time every week all year will be entered in a raffle for a fabulous prize. Last year, our winner took home a 5lb. Hershey bar. This year, who knows?!?! I’m taking suggestions for the prize. It will be fabulous…and maybe, just maybe it will be another giant candy bar.