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Happy Library Lovers’ Day!

This year, we’re celebrating Library Lovers’ Day by sharing the names of the books we love on our library wall. We’re also checking out Mystery Books! All of the kids had or will have the chance to check out a wrapped book to take home, unwrap, and read. This is a great way to try

Help With 4th Grade Research Projects

In the next week or so, all 4th graders will receive an assignment requiring research about a California Indian tribe. Our library has quite a few books about the tribes, but they’ll be in high demand during the next few weeks and may not be available on the days you’d like to use them. Fortunately, there

We’re Off to a Great Start!

September was a busy month — setting up the library and lab, learning and practicing new routines with the kids, and holding an amazing book swap! Throughout the month, all of the kids have been visiting the library weekly to check out books. The third through fifth grades have also been working in the computer